I was looking for a lightweight headtorch and found the Adventure Lights Guardian X-TRA BRIGHT Headtorch:


Adventure Lights Guardian Headtorch

This headtorch is very small and weighs 50 g – ideal!

It is powered by two CR2032 coin cells and is bright enough for general use in a tent. I have not walked at night with it (apart from having to find a convenient hedge). The headtorch is supplied with an elasticated headband that has a moulded adaptor that the torch unit clips into. The adaptor provides some “up and down” movement.

You turn the torch on and off by screwing/unscrewing the lens in/out of the housing. There is on ‘O’ ring seal between the lens and body moulding to prevent water ingress. You cannot focus the beam and there is a single brightness setting adding to its simplicity and reliability. Adventure Lights claim 100 hours (just over four days) battery life in continuous mode.

Headtorch front view

Front view of housing, battery and lens

You can set the headtorch to an SOS flashing mode (repeating three short, three long, three short flashes with a claimed life of 250 hours (over ten days) by turning round the battery pack (the torch is supplied with two cells in a heat-shrink tube that form the battery). I’m not sure how easy this would be with two replacement cells (not in a heat-shrink tube) in the dark / wet.

The torch unit is supplied loose with a belt clip and the headband. The torch unit clips onto either; but the clip is very tight and I’ve not yet managed to separate the torch unit from the headband.

When breaking camp, I suggest you unscrew the lens assembly at least one turn to ensure it cannot rotate and turn itself on while in your rucksack – the old trick of turning the batteries round won’t work on this torch!

I recommend this product if you want a no-frills, cheap (I paid just over £12 each) and light headtorch. You can get them with clear or coloured lens assemblies, I bought two from Rescue Supply