A very lightweight pocket you can fit on just about any hip belt, or trouser belt, I guess. I measured my two pockets at 150 x 110 x 40 mm (6 x 4 3/8 x 1 5/8 inches), a bit under MLDs (Mountain Laurel Designs) published sizing. The pockets offer useful storage space that is roomy, waterproof (but see later) and easily accessible. I can get a SatMat Active 10 GPS (in an AquaPac case) in a pocket, with room left over. This photo shows the pocket mounted on my Granite Gear Blaze AC 60 (reviewed here) hipbelt:

Sat Map Active 10 GPS in Aquapac case in the MLD pouch pocket

The pockets should be long-lasting as they are made from nylon and incorporate a Dyneema ripstop grid. An overweave of nylon improves abrasion and tear resistance. The material is PU waterproof coated.

A waterproof YKK zip with two pulls seals the pocket – MLD have positioned the zip on the front of the pocket. If the zip were on the top of the pocket, pooled rainwater could easily fall through as you open the zip – good design. I have cut off the metal zip pulls and fitted cord pulls – to me, the metal pulls jingling together were irritating.

The rear of the pocket has a two pairs of elasticated bands (sized for narrow and wide belts) that you slide the belt belt through. MLD also provide loops at each side of the pocket to fit the pocket to their range of packs using a clever double-sided clip.

As supplied, the seams are not sealed and I have yet to seal them. Eventually, I will get round to sealing the seams and the stitching for the elasticated bands. I try to remember to pull the zips together and face them away from the rain to prevent water entry from any slight gap between the two zip pulls. That said, I use suitable proofed bags to protect my GPS and camera.

These pockets are not padded, which keeps the weight low, around 28 g (1 oz). If you use them to store “delicate” items, you could pad a pocket using some closed-cell foam from an old sleeping mat (normal foam will absorb water).

In summary, these pockets provide useful storage for my GPS, camera, trail snacks and other odd and sods for next to no weight. Maybe they provide too much room that it is tempting to fill!

I bought these pockets from MLD and delivery was within the time they stated.