Glogg water bottles

750 mL and 350 mL Glogg water bottles

I was looking around for some new water bottles – I don’t like plastic bottles and I don’t like the idea of some of the coatings inside aluminium bottles. All was not lost though – I got a couple of Glogg bottles (350 mL and 750 mL bottles with standard screw-on lids) and here are my thoughts on them.

Gloggs are made from stainless steel so there no need for an internal coating. They have quite a wide mouth (40 mm) that is good for pouring, but not so good for drinking straight from the bottle – it tends to spill over the sides of your mouth until you get used to the wide opening. I use the smaller bottle for milk and the wide mouth makes for easy cleaning. I’ve heard of people using these bottles to boil water directly on a stove – I haven’t tried this, but you’d need a good way of holding the bottle to pour out the contents

The bottles are robust and the seal on the lid works well – it uses a silicone (I guess) O-ring fitted to the lid . As you tighten the lid, the O-ring compresses onto the rolled-over top of the bottle – have a look at the photo. It looks to me like over-tightening the lid could force the O-ring off the rolled top, which may lead to leaks. In my experience, a gentle ‘nip-up’ is all it takes for a good seal and I have not had a Glogg bottle leak.

On winter walks, these bottles, like any other metal bottles carried on the outside of a pack, cool the contents and my fillings have been surprised a few times! I’ve yet to use them in hot weather, but I think I may have to get used to drinking tepid water, or keep the bottle cool by placing it inside my pack. Watch out, too, when you hand wash them, a hot water rinse might be painful!

The 750 mL bottle is 270 mm from base to top of lid, the 350 mL bottle is 175 mm. Both are 70 mm diameter. For the weight conscious, the 750 mL weighs in at 165 grams; with the 350 mL bottle weighing 105 grams.

Maybe not the lightest of containers, but if you want a robust and high-quality water bottle, check out Glogg bottles.